Mechanistic research at our Universities

Following the launch of our consortium at a Joint Symposium on 18 May, we are presenting an overview of research capabilities in mechanistic chemistry at Durham and York: Durham_capability.pdf and York_capability.pdf.

You can also look at an overview of current research in mechanistic chemistry: Durham_research.pdf and York_research.pdf.

Members of our research team


Dr David Hodgson, Dr AnnMarie O'Donoghue, Dr James Walton

Kinetics and mechanism in synthesis and biological systems

Prof Colin Bain, Dr Matthew Kitching, Dr John Sanderson

Biological Soft matter and interfaces

Dr Alyssa Avestro, Dr Paul McGonigal, Prof Jonathan Steed, Dr Dima Yufit

Supramolecular assembly, crystal/polymorph engineering

Prof Andrew Beeby, Prof Martin Bryce, Dr Robert Pal, Prof David Parker, Prof Gareth Williams

Photochemical exploitation of organic molecular systems

Prof Ian Baxendale, Prof Graham Sandford

Large scale, flow and fluorine chemistry

Dr Mark Fox, Prof David Tozer

Modelling of simple molecules, mechanisms and spectroscopic properties

Dr Simon Beaumon, Dr Philip Dyer, Dr Russell Taylor

Mechanisms of homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis


Dr Victor Chechik, Prof David Smith

Mechanisms in molecular interactions and self-assemblies

Prof Simon Duckett, Prof Ian Fairlamb, Dr Jason Lynam, Prof Robin Perutz, Dr John Slattery, Prof Duncan Bruce, Dr Isabel Saez, Dr Caroline Dessent

Mechanisms in metal catalysis, kinetics, photochemistry, in operando measurements

Prof James Clark, Prof Mike North, Prof Peter O'Brien, Dr Paul Clarke, Dr Will Unsworth, Dr Moray Stark

Mechanisms in sustainable and applied chemistry

Prof Gideon Davies, Dr Martin Fascione, Prof Paul Walton, Dr Alison Parkin

Mechanisms in enzyme catalysis and metalloproteins

Prof Lucy Carpenter, Dr Terry Dillon, Prof Mat Evans, Dr Andrew Rickard

Mechanisms in complex chemical processes and analysis of rich data

York-Durham collaborations

Synthesis of a new type of Blatter's radicals (Nat. Comm. 2017, 8, 15088). AnnMarie O'Donoghue (Durham), Victor Chechik (York)